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Savita and the real ‘culture of death’

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Today's Evening Herald

Today’s Evening Herald

The draft report into the death of Savita Halappanaavar has been issued to all parties involved. James Reilly the hugely controversial minister for health says he hasn’t seen it yet. Someone should get him a copy of the Evening Herald.

According to the report the infection that contributed to Savita’s death went undiagnosed for three days at Galway University Hospital. It adds that by the time she was admitted to hospital it was already too late to save her baby; that staff should have considered performing abortion, even before couple requested it; Lack of guidelines on abortion were ‘a contributory factor’ in a litany of medical and procedural failures that contributed to her death.

The draft report will make uncomfortable reading for all expectant mothers.

We await the concerted response from the American-sponsored hate brigades of Youth Defence, Iona Institute et al.


  1. No reflection on the Savita Report but The Herald and “The Truth” in the same picture?

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