10,000 Dresden citizens against nazis

German fascism – a warning from history

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10,000 Dresden citizens against nazis

10,000 Dresden citizens against nazis

The photograph above captures last night’s event when 10,000 anti-fascists formed a symbolic cordon around the city of Dresden on the eve of the anniversary of the WWII bombing.

Dresden was firebombed by British forces from 13 – 15 Feb 1945. Almost 4000 tons of high-explosive and incendiary bombs created a firestorm that incinerated 15 sq miles and 25,000 people. The neo-nazis have tried in recent years to hijack the anniversary to promote the far-right.

The umbrella group Dresden Against Nazis ( Dresden nazifrei)  organised counter demonstrations since 2010 with actions such as surrounding the train station (where nazis were to rally) with 10,000 people. The anarchists are at the heart of physical confrontation with the nazis as is usually the case. Previously the nazi marches had gathered large crowds of up to 6,500 annually.

There has been outrage recently when one anti-fascist, Berliner Tim H., was jailed for two years for ‘using a megaphone’ with the words ‘go forward, go forward’ during a demonstration by 10,000 anti-fascists against 3,000 fascists in Dresden.

Yesterday’s symbolic action followed active anti-fascist action by up to 3,000 anarchists and anti-fascists in Dresden.

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