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Man tried making love to an ambulance in Barnstaple bus station

The North Devon Journal reports ‘A drunk man set fire to a packet of peanuts and tried making love to an ambulance, North Devon Magistrates’ Court has heard.

The court heard he was “in relatively high spirits” and said he was going home to sober up. But he was then spotted on CCTV in a phone box setting light to a packet of peanuts while also punching them.

The court heard Ward also approached members of the public who were forced to turn their backs on him and walk away. He then approached a nearby ambulance and spread himself in front of it.
Mark Haddow, for the defence, said the attending police officer commented: “It looks as though he is attempting to make love to the front of the ambulance.”

After being searched Ward was found to be in possession of cannabis and amphetamine.’ Ah…


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