‘Can I just say…’ – Joan Burton meets Fundalk

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Joan Burton meets Dundalk

Joan Burton meets Dundalk

What happened when Joan Burton met the people of Dundalk at a jobs fair in the local shopping centre…surprisingly she wasn’t handing out emigration advice but she got shown the door.

Is the message getting through we wonder?

EDIT: Following this story Labour’s bad boy Colm Keaveney came out in praise of Burton calling the protestors ‘neanderthals’ via his twitter account. When taken to task by the twittersphere he seemed to equate protestors or those tweeting in support with neo-nazis. It has gone down badly.

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  1. “Is the message getting through we wonder?”- No because it’s not the message they want to hear so they don’t hear it.

  2. poor joan ,poor poor joan, and keaveny needs a reality check ,what a pair of cunts

  3. funny considering he cant see the massive fascist elephant in the labour party room ,what a dingbat

  4. Do you ever feel that Joan Burton is having a Stroke, but just really really slowly ? Vanessa Sterry

  5. Kind of expected this, usually happens when labour in govt. come under pressure from a furious public who are on the whole well to the left of labour & furious with their betrayal. Add the most effective (so far) anti austerity campaign in the CAH&WT, ever increasing fury in the unions at union leaders (who are died in the wool labour members) so it’s no surprise. Accusations of fascism are a response to this anger/pressure. Jack O’Connor tried this after the anti austerity demo a few months back. They will pay for taking the side of the rich.

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