EDL in Cambridge

EDL Fascists against Fascism Something Something

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EDL in Cambridge

EDL in Cambridge

While we’d agree that you shouldn’t give fascism a platform we have to concede that when it’s as hilariously bankrupt as the EDL it’s worth showing for the lolz.

This mass rally of English Defence League and some other racist organisation in Cambridge over the weekend attracted a dozen or so knuckle-draggers, a dog and this poor unfortunate. Being somewhat literate he used a couple of big words like ‘misogynist’ and then claimed Islam was Fascism…the conundrum was too much for some of his colleagues to take and they attacked him. To the backing tune of ‘You can stick your fucking Islam up your arse’ the EDL attacked each other prompting one rozzer to suggest extricating the literate one before they ate him.

On a positive note hundreds of anti-racist and anti-fascist people demonstrated against the proposed rally and this solidarity is heartening.



  1. What an unfortunate bunch of miscreants. I suppose them being there means their partners won’t be getting a beating at home. How can EDL be taken seriously?

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