Magadalene Laundries? Media hype!

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This odious rag, the Catholic Herald, and their columnist and former editor William Oddie have attacked the women who survived the Magdalene Laundries and their supporters in a stomach-churning piece available online now.

The Catholic Herald is a London based newspaper established in 1888 and owned by the Hotelier Sir Rocco Forte. Forte is very catholic, at the age of 37 he married his 17 year old Italian bride in Rome.

The Magdalene laundries were used as reformatories where girls were sent without due process. But they were not brutal: anti-Catholics have lied about them. The laundries were tough places, undoubtedly. But there was no sexual abuse and no physical punishment

Oddie continues with liberal quotes from the McAleese report and elsewhere including a fond reminiscence from his wife of her days of corporal punishment

 Irish nuns could undoubtedly be tough in those days (my wife has fond memories from her convent school in Swanage, now a holiday hotel, of being called “a bold girl” and having her hand thwacked with a 12-inch ruler). But, says one woman quoted above, there was in the Magdalene laundries no physical punishment that she saw, and though things were “not rosy”, “we were treated good and well looked after”.

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