Two, Better Than One.

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As the entertainment industry fights a losing war for copyright protection, digital pirates continue to find ways of keeping the commons open.

The Pirate Bay has been forced out of its “away from keyboard home” in Sweden due to recent threats of legal action, it has now taken up residence elsewhere in Scandinavia.

For a while now the site’s true location has been unknown, hidden away in a far-off cloud and identifiable only by the connections it makes with the outside world. However, the site has to come up for air somewhere and for the last three years the site has received its Internet connectivity from Scandinavia, courtesy of the Swedish Pirate Party.

With the actual site located who-knows-where, last week the Pirate Party received the call they had been expecting. Local anti-piracy group Rights Alliance told the pirates and other Internet companies further up the chain that continuing to work with The Pirate Bay beyond Tuesday 26 would result in legal action.

You might have missed the recent doc about their struggle to carry on too – it’s an informative watch that takes you through the myriad of battles they’ve recently pitched.


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