Are Ya Not Dancing?

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You mightn’t know them from the terraces, but you will know them by their sticker work around the city.

The Notorious Boo Boys, something of an ultras group at Dalyer, have organised a fundraiser for themselves with a hefty line up of local electronica talent. They’ve also got Liam Dollard, one of the first generation of Dublin based DJ’s to really bring the house sound to the city.

 Anyone with even the vaguest interest in Dance muisc knows how integral Dollard was to the development of the scene in Dublin. A pioneer, Dollard has been rocking clubs and raves for over 20 years. His first serious gig in Dublin was a warehouse party near Thomas Street on a Friday night in the Summer of 1990. That night the infamous SIDES club was empty with Dublin’s small party faithful going up to check out was going on at the Thomas St. all-nighter. The following week Liam was asked to become SIDES Friday night resident, a role he played for the next four years.


Liam Dollard – SIDES DC – 15-10-93 by David Walsh on Mixcloud

You can check out the event here.


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