Lifting the Lidl on bad working conditions

Every Lidl Hurts

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Lifting the Lidl on bad working conditions

Lifting the Lidl on bad working conditions

In these tightened times we all look for value. But saving those pennies can come at a cost…to the workers.

Lidl does not recognise unions (like Ryanair) and unfortunately some typical work practice abuses are reported to take place. Lidl workers are unlikely to participate in any kind of demonstration as they are not unionised so it is up to others to work on their behalf.

When the German retail union Ver.di opened a weblog enabling workers to report on the company’s bad practices it was contacted by more than 3,500 present and former Lidl employees. The reports, which form the basis of a “black book” published by the union about the firm’s tawdry employment practices, chronicle how “the company is obsessed with control to the extent that it becomes a serious violation of the integrity of its workers. Everyone is treated with mistrust, as a potential thief”. See pdf here

For more info follow the Facebook page : A Lidl Respect

For further information on the campaign calls for fair prices, better conditions for employees, and greater transparency of the company see here:

And read the RedPepper report here


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