Amazon Rape Tee Shirts

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While we learn to accept that Amazon doesn’t have to pay any tax (in the national interest) it’s sticking in people’s throats that they can get away with profiting on this kind of filth.

If you are so minded you can email Amazon UK at this link


  1. That was the clothing firm. I think it’s down now.

    Yeah, the’ve pulled the page after getting slaughtered.

    (or blocked me)

  2. better to buy books from the Book Depository,they’ve got free postage worlwide even to us.

  3. it was probably the Turkish slaves who were forced to make these. Have boycott Amazon since I discovered this.

  4. They’ve pulled the Rape tees although some others are still to be pulled such as “Keep calm and Hit Her’. Yes Book Depository was bought by Amazon

  5. o dear didnt know that. they’ve got us surrounded,at least they havent got Rabble.

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