Foetus found in bin

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Reports say that at 9pm Sunday 3rd March, two residents of an estate in Clondalkin found what is believed to be a human foetus in a rubbish bin.

Residents alerted the Gardaí who are investigating and a post mortem is being carried out. We will update here as reports unfold.

*UPDATE* Fortunately Gardaí have released a statement to say that the item discovered in a bin was a sheep’s stomach not a foetus as previously feared.


  1. Now will the anti-abortionists listen. They are putting lives in danger with their outdated beliefs. The same people usually agree with the Catholic Church who have allowed their priests and nuns to abuse our Children and some Adults to a life of misery where they wish they were Aborted!

  2. Seriously, this video’s a bit insensitive isn’t it. Whatever the circumstance this is likely a very sad story. Particularly for the woman involved.

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