Gary O'Flynn

Fianna Fáil Councillor hires fake hitman for 3 murders

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Gary O'Flynn

Gary O’Flynn

Like something from a Hollywood screenplay (we’re thinking Will Ferrell not Tom Cruise). The reports emerging from Cork during the last week have been intriguing, maddening and laughable in turn.

Garry O’Flynn the former Cork City Councillor and born and bred Fianna Fáiler has been charged with soliciting a named person to murder accountant Patrick Sweeney, Revenue official George Ross and Det Garda Mary Skehan.

Like every good Fianna Fáiler he wishes to receive free legal aid –

“I have no savings, my wife owns the house, I have no car, I have no property abroad. I have a business but I am self employed. I have no savings in joint accounts.”

(p.s. you heard Fianna Fáil just received a second payment of almost €500k from the state to cover legal fees relating to the Moriarty Tribunal? Bringing their aid to almost €1m. Best little country in the world)

O’Flynn is the son of ex-TD Noel O’Flynn and his brother  Ken is a sitting councillor. Gardaí asked for bail to be refused and are of the impression that he has funds.





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