Seriously, Youth Defence?!

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Youth Defence Poster

Is it just me of is the latest poster campaign from Youth Defence just slightly unsettling?

Who exactly thought that putting a gun-sight on a woman’s face would help their argument? Or maybe they just don’t give a shite any more, having abandoned their attempts to appear cuddly and are just going with the violent bully-boy persona that was hiding under those smiley faces all along.

Nice one Youth Defence you just keep on threatening violence against women…


  1. You see, once you introduce abortion it’ll obviously lead to reverse abortions.

  2. Ms. Clueless Healy Eames would probably consider this a work of art!

  3. Yuck defence are sinister I remember hearing something about 10 years ago real bad stuff never got into the public domain.

    1. Did it involve hurling sticks , or was their refusal to give a dying person some peace?

      1. Well, the latter is in the public domain, there was a court case about it:

        “YOUTH Defence was unrepentant last night after eight pro-life activists were convicted on charges arising out of a mini-riot during a picket of Dublin’s then Adelaide Hospital.


        Spokesman Justin Barrett one of those fined £100 on a public order charge would not apologise to the upset family of a dying woman in the hospital during the picket because, he said, they did not believe they had caused offence.


        One organiser, Maurice Colgan fined £200 and ordered to do 100 hours community service said he was told by a hospital switch operator there would be no long-term or ill patients in the hospital on the day of the protest. He declined an invitation to see patients for himself because he believed a journalist and photographer were inside waiting for a “set-up.””

  4. The resolution on that sight target is woeful, is that the graphic designer being aimed at?

  5. wow! well again they make plain the things they just hint at before… just revolting.

    1. The jury is still out on the poo incident . Which youth defence had a lot to gain from.

  6. I’m confused, are we going to have targetted abortions, like drone strikes or something?

  7. I could make a better poster in paint for fuck sake.

  8. Absolutely moronic drives me mad how simple minded fools(in my opinion) can try use these tactics on the ill informed public

  9. With the increasing number of idiots owning guns, the last thing you want is to put ideas like this into their heads.

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