Graham Bolger at Madison Nightclub (beside Tower Records)

Nightclub refuses wheelchair patron

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Graham Bolger at Madison Nightclub (beside Tower Records)

Graham Bolger at Madison Nightclub (beside Tower Records)

Graham Bolger was refused entry to Madison Nightclub on Wicklow St., Dublin last night simply because he was in a wheelchair.

In a statement on Facebook Mr.Bolger explains:

Last night I was refused entry to Madison nightclub in Dublin on the grouds that I was in a wheelchair…and that was just the start of my 45 min ordeal of extreme discrimination at the hands of their staff.

In my 8 years adventuring in a chair i have never been refused entry to any venue anywhere in the world from boats to cliff top castles, festivals to beach clubs, car rallys to deep sea dives. well done Madison. Youve just stepped in the ring with one very determined person.

To Madison’s credit they responded immediately to Mr.Bolger’s complaint and didn’t remove his photo & post which has attracted the usual mix of support and abuse. The nightclub said they would investigate and have posted this response:

Madison Nightclub unreservedly apologise for the disgraceful treatment of Graham Bolger last night at the club. The person, who was with us from an outside agency for the last 4 weeks, has been dismissed with immediate effect and he will not be employed by the sub-contractor again. Our company policy is that the club is open to all. We have welcomed people of all abilities and will continue to do so. We are ashamed and embarrassed that this has happened. We have delayed posting here as we have been trying to contact Graham directly to apologise to him in advance of apologising publicly. We deeply regret what has happened and will ensure that it never happens again. We hope to speak to Graham directly as soon as possible.


  1. in fairness the club responded well but they have no wheelchair access its 30 steps down, now any right thinkin person with common sense will allow his mates to carrry him down the stairs, but remember we live in a socieity that is so fuckin wound up with red tape common sense is rarlety put into practice i dont blame the security guard hes probably been sent on bullshit courses and was afraid to make the call

  2. Pretty soon the sub contracted boss will not yield to anything nor will he be accountable, as the agency and other placement groups who have made his sandwhiches failed to display hygiene practice due to the temporary cleaning staff using chicken juice as polish. Hire some sense next time….. nut ache….. Madison isn’t worth the place its situated in.. Wont be going there as they don’t even hire staff..

  3. I dunno, I think that some places just aren’t practical for wheel chair use and has nothing to do with the person in the wheel chair at all (that place in particular isn’t wheel chair friendly). How many other places are there around town though….could himself and his mates not go to a more practical place? This is not about denial of a person…it’s just practicality. Nothing personal.

    1. Hope you never find youself sitting in a wheelchair. You should try it for a week. You might change your mindset!

  4. All this kudos being dished out in regard to Madison’s apology makes me laugh. What do you expect them to say by way of statement.

    It’s called PR. The only thing driving that sentiment is cold hard cash and the fear of it leaving their coffers. If there wasn’t such a ferocious public reaction, do you really think they’d have issued that public apology? They would in their holes.

  5. Apparently the dude in the wheelchair was being a douche. There’s two sides to every story.

    1. Who is to say the bouncer that is saying he was being a douche isnt lying to save his own butt from being sacked? Bouncers can lie aswell you know.I am sure Madison wouldn’t have apologized if they hadnt checked already the story of the other bouncer.And i am sure this guy who was refused has witnesses to the ordeal.
      Wakey wakey.

  6. It is illegal to refuse entrance to anywhere open to the public based on disability. They know this. Stop making excuses people.

  7. As this reported as being a new venue, I fail to understand that it is inaccessible to disabled/wheelchair users. Under the present laws all new premises/ venues must be accessible to disabled persons. Being disabled myself I would like to able to be with my friends at any venue and not be discriminated against. No excuses are acceptable in the present times and the hurt endured by Graham is inexcusable!!!!

    1. The guy looks to be wearing trainers, the policy of the club is one of no trainers. Either way it is a storm in a tea cup with faux outrage from the mass of Irish people begruging.

      1. It could depend on whether or not the trainers were used as an excuse before or after he was refused entry though. Some nightclubs have audio as well as visual recording on the door, maybe audio should be made compulsory if it’s not already, and cases like this be legally accountable?! Excuses are excuses at the end of the day, after the matter. Defense is human nature.

  8. This is a joke. The bouncer did nothing wrong… Are you all suggesting they should risk their own lives and carry him down???


  9. Self-prejudice that is. From what I’ve seen is not a jeans+runners kinda venue so if I was to go I wouldn’t be wearing those. I bet the “you’re not letting me in because I’m on a wheelchair” subject was raised by the guy, not the venue.

  10. well in fairness… people in wheelchairs have been know to be awful trouble makers…..:p

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  12. This guy may have had cause, but i asked him for an interview and let me assure you he speaks from both sides of his mouth.

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