Andre Beniron in West Bank

Israeli seeks asylum in Palestine

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Andre Beniron in West Bank

Andre Beniron in West Bank

A breaking story as yet unreported in the western press, is that of a 23yr old Israeli seeking asylum in the Palestinian Authority area of the West Bank.

Andre Beniron told Ma’an News Agency in the West Bank town of Tulkarem that he came to Israel with his mother aged 3 and lives in Haifa. He has been struggling to survive financially in Israel and described his life as difficult. He seeks temporary asylum while finding a way to leave Israel.

The story is certainly a strange one and comes on the back of the discovery that the Israelis killed an Australian-born Mossad agent in jail recently which will prompt speculation as to why Beniron has not left Israel through normal channels. With a cascade of bad press for Israel recently including medical journal The Lancet questioning the role of Israeli doctors in abetting torture in Israeli jails which led to the recent death ofa  prisoner.  Beniron’s case will probably go unreported by and large.

Ma’an report here


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