Signed by over 100 women & several men: Alliance For Choice Belfast

100 women face jail for abortion pills

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Signed by over 100 women & several men: Alliance For Choice Belfast

Signed by over 100 women & several men: Alliance For Choice Belfast

The PSNI launch probe after 100 women admit taking or buying abortion pills

The 1861 Offences Against the Persons Act makes abortion illegal in most cases and carries a penalty of life imprisonment. Over 100 women and several men signed the declaration thus admitting taking, buying or abetting others to obtain abortion pills.

This move follows the SDLP & DUP sponsored amendment, being debated at Stormont this Tuesday which will make obtaining an abortion outside of the MHS illegal. Pro-choice spokespeople point out that this move is being taken to close down the Marie Stopes clinic which is the alternative to the very conservative NHS.

We will carry this story as it develops.



  1. Jesus are we back to this?! It’s embarrassing that a country so educated and first world is still so backward.

  2. It would be great if you guys could cover this weekend’s atrocity of a woman being taken to court by Waterford Hospital to force her to consent to a Caesarian. Please see Aims Ireland for details including an important petition to safeguard women’s right to make their own choices around giving birth. A woman’s right to choose, extends to all areas of her reproductive rights, as much as it is important to be able to choose not to continue a pregnancy, it is also important to be able to make choices about how you want to give birth. Women need to be trusted and allowed the autonomy to make decisions about their bodies in all circumstances.

  3. Thanks Rachael, we were going to cover it last night but decided to wait for more details as it’s a sensitive individual case and in this case we don’t need to rush to judgement. If you ever feel like contributing drop us a private message of email

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