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“Women are naturally unsuitable for political tasks. Natural order and the facts teach us that man is a politician par excellence, the Scriptures show us that women always support the thinking and creative man, but nothing more than that “

WELL – it seems we fell for internet rumours on this one. We can’t find a reliable source for this quote from 6th June 2007, Buenos Aires. It may be transcribe from a video but as it is we’re putting our hands up. If it was 30 years ago we’d be shot like so many Jesuit priests…

Original post:

Nice. Spoken when in opposition to President Kirchener’s candidacy – he is staunchly opposed to Kirchner’s liberalisation of Argentina in matters such as abortion and gay marriage.

In Spanish his original words:

“las mujeras son naturalmente ineptas para ejercer cargos politicos””las mujeras son naturalmente ineptas para ejercer cargos politicos”


  1. heyyy, he’s just sayin’ what everyone’s thinkin’. cut the guy a break

  2. Doesn`t say anything in The Bible about living in 2 palaces and having billions of quidsworth of art on the walls. Cat s & Prods are both heretics. Hooray,hooray for the Orthodox way. (well, sort of)

  3. Difference is, everyone has alreaddy lost any hope of salvation for you Rabble 🙂

  4. You get what you focus on. He has also been a champion of the poor. So if YOU choose to focus on the negative side of the Catholic Church – of which there is a lot and there is a lot of negative in most religions, the Protestant Church, Islam and Judaism to name a few – then that is all you will ever see because it is all a negative person ever wants to see. There are also a lot of good people and good acts done in the name of religion. You can chose to ignore this. Just know that this is the choice that YOU make, nobody else…

  5. I think it’s brilliant that he’s a sexist and a bigot because people will realise that we don’t need the Catholic Church at all in the evolution of mankind. It’s old and decaying and this Pope will give it another nudge towards its end. Then we will be free to love God and love each other without the intervention of hypocrites, whose primary aim is to make money and maintain power.

  6. I reckon people have such extreme hang ups over Catholicism and focus on it Peter, because the vast majority of us were put through a terrible Catholic schooling where it was shoved down our face each and every day. Then of course, there’s the energy the church puts into sabotaging and holding back progressive changes in society like abortion rights, gay marriage and what ever else. Its not like if we all us non-believers held hands, closed our eyes, counted to twenty and re-opened them – we’d find the church would have fucked off. The catholic right, clerical higher ups and lay foot soldiers would still be sticking their rosary beads where they weren’t wanted. Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world? Stephen Fry delivers a stunning piece of oratory here that takes issue with that idea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwkiJDuukS4

  7. A great choice! Of course many will object because he’s a Catholic. Surprise surprise!!

  8. I can only speak for myself and say that while my schooling was far from ideal I don’t blame the RCC for it. All of my teachers were lay people in any case. The only Christian Brother that taught in our school, was physically and verbally abused by his students on an almost daily basis. This was in the 80s and there were no publicised scandals at that time, they were still behind closed doors at that time, and this abused individual had done nothing to deserve his treatment. Whether i like it or not, my education is part of who I am now and part of my learning. As for the rosary bead brigade, they hold little sway at all in Ireland and have no influence over how I chose to live my life today. The abuse that certain folk from the RCC inflicted upon others came from their own abuse and so on and so on before them. Where does it stop? Responding to them with anger only ensures its continuation. Or worse again, we may well be breeding an new generation of catholic extremists with the style of our condemnation. Careful what you wish for…

  9. I wish for a pluralist, secular society with equality between the genders. So no pope then and no RC Church!

  10. The Catholic Church is neither here nor there to me. However, when the pope et al stand on a public platform to denounce women, gays, divorcees or whatever group they decide the scriptures don’t like then I consider it my right and duty to speak out as loudly against them. I don’t understand the position of standing back and letting them say whatever they like without responding. I find it completely tedious when they then complain about atheist extremism as if anyone with a counter view is somehow the baddie of the piece.

  11. Ah yes Peter, lets sit back and ignore the negative: the misogyny, homophobia, child abuse….oh wait, we have a history of doing that in this country, look where that got us! It’s easy to say sit back and ignore the negative when the hatred & vitriol spewed by religious mouth pieces isn’t aimed at you! Hmmm lets see what positive Hitler and the Nazi’s brought to Germany, lets stop focussing on all that negative stuff, damn all these negative people searching for negativity. They’re the real problem!!!

        1. Its definitely starting to look fake. Everyone’s search ends at the yahoo link above. Spanish discussions are suggesting that the article is a fabrication because there’s no trace of it at Telam.

  12. Was just getting on here to say something similar Geoff – anyone got any proof of him saying this that wasn’t posted up yesterday? It’s been attributed to him saying it in 2007, but so far, NO PROOF. Hmmmm.

  13. Can Rabble or anyone else please provide the source of the statement above attriburted to the pope. I looked for it, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Help!!!

  14. We got it from Italian & Spanish outlets – will get back here with something (translation not our strongpoint) and update

  15. Bravo to rabble for the correction! Unfortunately, many, many people formed their opinions based on the initial report. I humbly ask rabble to please use a little more caution before attributing such damning statements to anyone. Lots of people reading this blog are very easily swayed by misinformation. Pure idealism has no reason to fear the truth!

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