Paddy’s Weekend: Don’t Forget To Go Home.

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If the Paddy’s Day puke parade isn’t for you, and you’ve a craving for raving – then there’s a serious amount of action this weekend.

First up, there’s the grimey goodness of local bass upstarts Glacial Sounds  down in the All City basement. Then later tonight it’s a Rinse FM take over of the Twisted Pepper.  Saturday serves up a feast of junglism, before the triple threat to the soul of Forza Italo shenanigans in the Odessa Bar, and the Twisted Pepper and Grand Social all dayers on Paddy’s itself.

Jaysis. They nearly could have sold weekend tickets for all this action. Let us know if we missed out on anything.


  1. I’ll be snorting yips off yer floor.

    Edit: Scratch that. Erol Alkan 3 hour set in the Twisted Pepper? I’ll be there.

  2. early house action in the dark horse inn on Monday anyway 🙂

  3. new bar opening on top of capel street to check out on Sunday

  4. yes same spot…Al Byrne running it now..and it will be serious early house club every Sat and Mon…they are opening from 10.30am this Monday for a serious all-dayer

  5. but they will have bigger venue in a few months 🙂

  6. Dj Randall in turks head(upstairs) on 4 stack`s of hertz-u soundsystem this Sat for the win

  7. will be heavy with Colm`s, 4 new 21″ subs in full effect 🙂

  8. Jaysis, there’s a serious dance scene going on at the moment. You really see it at the Bank Holiday parties, seems people just can’t afford the weeklies – but go hell for leather once there’s the chance of those few extra hours or a roll over session to welly.

  9. Sunday can`t beat it..and only 2 weeks until another mad bank holiday weekend

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