Tristan Barker

Troll In Real Life

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Tristan Barker

Tristan Barker, the son of a successful Australian musician. He’s regarded as Australia & New Zealand’s most famous internet troll.

Here’s a fairly frank interview with him in New Zealand. Towards the end of the interview with David Ecclestone of Today Tonight he assaults the reporter, subsequently winding up in court. He regards himself as an entertainer, some would say he’s just Charlie Brooker in a country that can’t handle it, others would say he’s a sociopath.

With a Facebook following of 300,000 and YouTube views of many times that…well, you decide.


  1. Wow, what an ass. Jail the child scumbag I say

  2. I absolutely agree about the comment suggesting if it wasn’t for the internet he would be a nobody. A narcissistic bully, and his father doesn’t seem to be much of a role model either. He needs jail time and extensive counselling.

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