Three Alternative Paddy’s Day Flicks.

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leprechaun back 2 tha hood

If it’s all a little fiddly dee out there and you just want some chewing gum for the brain – here’s some ideas.

We’ve sought out some Paddy’s Day tosh – all loaded with more fear than sentimentality. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, so do send in your own suggestions – we’ll need fuel for the couch tomorrow.

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Halloween 3 is your usual 1980’s horror shocker – with a splice of sci-fi thrown in against a stunning theme tune. We get pagan mysticism and strange Jack O’Lanterns and lessons on TV excess. So where’s the Paddy’s Day angle, well – it’s set in a town of prosperous Irish emigrants with a serious dose of Twilight Zone up their bottoms. Something evil is being broadcast across the TV spectrum. At the back of it all is an evil Irish man called Cochrane.

Watch it in full here.

Leprachaun 6: Back To Tha Hood

If you ever needed an antidote after watching Darby O’Gill and The Little People, then Leprechaun 6: Back To Tha Hood is as close as you’ll get. It features a bong smoking little dude with a penchant for manic mood swings, outbursts of violence and psychotic one liners.

Watch him get fucked up high here.

Rawhead Rex

One from the archives, Rawhead Rex, is a low-budget, horror that is so bad it’s good. Its about a pagan demon rampaging around rural Ireland. There’ll be plenty of those around Templebar later on today. Watch out for the scene with the pregnant lady. ‘Cos even rubber-headed monsters were pro-life in the 1980s.

Watch it in full here.

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