#rabbleReels: Droning On

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A dystopian look at an America where drones are used in domestic policing.

The director took his influence from plans by Seattle police to use drones in their work. The plan has since been scuttled, but it was enough for Drew Christie to match it on to some inspiration from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s 1924 novel “We” – and create this short video. He told the New York  Times:

How will these machines be regulated? Will they be weaponized? Will the National Rifle Association insist on the right of every American to have a drone to protect his or her family and home? None of this has been decided yet, but American lawmakers are pushing for drones to be in the skies over your head very soon. (Members of the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus — also known as the drone caucus — in the House of Representatives have received $8 million in contributions over the last four years from drone manufacturers.) How will flying drones affect the psychology of those living under them?

Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald and Trevor Timm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation went on Democracy Now earlier this month to discuss the importation of war on terror tactics to the US home land.

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