RTÉ (image courtesy Kevin Squires)

Show me the RTÉ money

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RTÉ (image courtesy Kevin Squires)

RTÉ (image courtesy Kevin Squires)

It’s terdible Joe, terdible. They’re only taking the food out of our mouths Joe. RTÉ slashes wages of the top ten earners as their salaries plummet from Obscene to Ridiculous.

(We don’t have all salary numbers up-to-date some are 2011)

At number one everyone’s favourite young fogey, and Fianna Fáil dynasty-bred, Ryan JFK Tubridy. Wages slashed from  €723,500. Now €495,000

At two –  Pat ‘Alan Partridge’ Kenny, in 2011 Plank earned €630,000, down from peak of €950,976 in 2008, cut of 34%. Current figure not available

At three Marian Fantastic Finucane. In 2011 Marian ‘Two shows’ earned €491,770, down from €570,000 in 2008. Latest figure for 2012/12 is €295,000, a cut of 48% SAVAGE!!

At four Joe Duffy. In 2011 Joe yeah, yeah, shooer, got €377,776, down from €408,889 in 2008. This year will be €300,000, a cut of 27% – can you tell me a bit more about de pain?

At five Miriam Foxrock O’Callaghan. Miriam earned €307,250 in 2011 (although she makes a fine whack in non-RTE endorsements etc). Was €332,000 in 2010. Will be €211,167 this year, a cut of 36% from peak.

At six Brendan Ballsy O’Connor. In 2011 O’Connor ruined Saturday TV for a mere €228,540. He’ll be filling your widescreen and wrecking your head for  €158,400 this year, a cut of 31%.

At seven (in 2011) Derek Meh Mooney with €220,063, down from €286,809 in 2008. Mooney is like Ant & Dec and Les Dennis all wrapped up in one. Interestingly he has been useful in real life

At eight Sean O’Rourke with €208,801, down from €218,656 in 2008 – widely respected for his The Week in Politics as well as News at One, apart from a bias that seems to exist against having gender equal panels.

At nine George ‘Danger Here’ Hamilton – The man who put the kiss of death to more Irish team’s than we care to remember has seen his salary reduced from €219,833 in 2008 to €168,350 this year, a 23% cut.

Fresh in at number 10 – the man who famously let Bertie off the hook when we could have been saved by the likes of Jeremy Paxman – Bryan Dobson with €197,936

The biggest loser, and we mean that, is Eamon Dunphy who has tumbled out of the top ten through some bad marking and puffball accounting. Hanging his boots up, he’s jumped the fence baby at a miserable €106,000 down from a Premier League €328,051 in 2008

(figures via Fergal Keane of RTÉ)




  1. Slashed me hole. That scrawny smartarse is still earning half a mil. Boo feckin hoo!

  2. don’t begrudge him – he’s just saving up the pennies for his very own modest island

  3. No person in the world should ever earn a high salary, I don’t care what job they do! We should all earn like the same money, the world would be better that way, yea man

  4. The RTE hacks should be cast into the flames of Mount Doom.

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