Labour’s Portillo Moment

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'Portillo Moment'

‘Portillo Moment’

‘Portillo moment’: The loss of the 1997 election by the Conservative Party, has been referred to as “the Portillo moment”.

And in the cliché “Were you up for Portillo?” (i.e., “Were you awake/did you see Portillo’s result announced on television?”). Portillo himself commented, thirteen years later, that as a consequence “My name is now synonymous with eating a bucketload of shit in public.”

This 30 second video clip of TV3’s Ursula Hannigan chasing Labour’s Eoin Holmes out of the count centre following his annihilation in the Meath East bye-election in 2013 could mark Labour’s ‘Portillo Moment’.

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Here is the original Portillo Moment:


  1. I remember watching it the night it happened! Many moons ago. I’ve since watched it on Youtube tons of times. That roar from the Labour supporters makes me cry every time!

  2. This scene will be repeated in every count centre in Ireland in the next general election. Labour have sold out and are finished

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