Has takeaway meat had it’s chips?

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nom nom nom?

nom nom nom?

‘Unidentified’ meat found in take-aways in Britain. During research for a reality show on BBC3, The Horsemeat Banquet, scientists discovered some unpleasant realities about what is for sale on the high street.

The Horsemeat Banquet filmed a group of young diners who are disgusted at the thought of eating horse in an attempt to challenge perceptions about what we eat.

Popular takeaways were tested during the show expecting to find some variance from the menu-listed ingredients. What they found was a lot worse.

An Indian lamb curry was found to contain no trace of lamb – or chicken, beef, pork, horse or goat. It is confirmed not to be human but could be domestic dog or cat.

A Chinese beef in black bean sauce was found to contain mostly chicken blood and other chicken material, and only a little beef.

A burger was found to contain no beef meat, only bovine blood. It also had high levels of chicken blood and was made up of over 2 per cent heart.

“The only high street fast food to test positively was a donor kebab, which was found to be made entirely from lamb.”

Check out the programme here on the iPlayer or watch tomorrow night after midnight on BBC3


  1. How boring the programme would have been if they found food contained only what it was supposed to. But wait it’s on the BBC so it must be true

  2. Proof that kebabs are the only fast food you can trust

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