Can you see what it is yet?

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An 82 year old man from Berkshire has been arrested as part of the criminal investigation around the Savile case.

While rumours are rife, there are reliable sources confirming the man in question to be the veteran artist and entertainer Rolf Harris.

While specualtion, it is worth pointing out, was that Harris was originally questioned under caution in November 2012 involving a claim from many years before that he had pinched a 20 year old woman on the backside and was not entirely caught in the Savile allegations.

Time will tell if there were indeed two little boys with two little toys.


  1. well Kev, that’s what we thought it was too but everywhere we looked on line they had (in quotes mind you) ‘can you SEE’…who are we to argue with the intertwonks

  2. In 1979 TV Times had only ITV listings. Rolf was more of a BBC man.

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