#rabbleReels: All Those Flashing Lights

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Acid drug dance cult – does it affect the brain in some way? We investigate.

Filmed by World In Action in 1988, it really captures some of the moral panic around the scene. Fascinating to hear how Top of The Pops banned all records that mentioned “acid.” D-Mob’s anthem ‘We Call It Acieed’ was also on the receiving end of censure. The person that made the video for the tune uploaded it to Youtube with this comment a few years ago:

When I made this video I didn’t realise the furore that it would cause in the popular press. Needless to say it only ever got on screening on Top of the pops and was never seen again on British television in it’s entirety. This is the full version (the record company would only pay for two minutes as they thought that the song wouldn’t do that well)! Enjoy.

Enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to check out this scare story from our own tabloids in 1988.


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