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 Bizarre finale to the Atlético Mineiro vs Arsenal (Argentina) Copa Libertadores game sees players and police in a barely contained brawl. With Police lashing out at players and even pulling a gun on them.

Authorities said the players will likely be charged after throwing punches and kicking the officers who were trying to protect the referees as the final whistle blew at the Independência Stadium.

The Argentines were in Brazil for south America’s equivalent of the Champions League and had just lost a controversial game 5-2 when they surrounded the officials, prompting the police to step in. However, as images show some of the police seemed intent on lashing out at the players and provoked them into retaliation.

According to police, off camera, the players attacked the security force again in the tunnel.

Ronaldinho scored 2 as Mineiro won 5-2

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