Obama is the Antichrist but not a shape-shifting reptile

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A new poll reveals some of the outrageous conspiracy theories many Americans hold true.

The telephone poll (full details here) conducted by Public Policy Polling of North Carolina has some surprising and some not so surprising results. When asked if they thought President Obama is the Antichrist, 26% responded that they believe he is or they are unsure.

A few more highlights:

  • 37% of Americans think that global warming is a hoax, while 12% are not sure.
  • 28% believe that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order while a further 25% are unsure.
  • 28% believe that Sadaam Hussein was involved in the ‘9/11’ attacks on the USA while a further 22% are unsure…while 22% either believe or unsure about the US Govt.’s complicity in allowing the attack for it’s own ends.
  • 47% don’t believe in aliens – and only 5% believe in shape-shifting reptiles that run the world (so he’s the Antichrist but not a lizard, which will be reassuring for his illuminati overlords!)

Aren’t they great gas altogether? When you consider that a growing percentage of US high schools now teach Creationism it can’t be long before the whole country implodes in it’s own stupidity.



  1. See I would’ve guessed reptile, or possibly borg.

  2. “Aren’t they great gas altogether?” No. Do some research. Global Warming? Yes its a hoax, check out Climategate. Obama the anti-christ? Hes not far off. Secretive power elite? thought that was pretty well known by now.
    Aliens? Reptilians? The evidence is there I’m afraid.

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