Photo Gallery Of The Day: Chris Porsz and His New England

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We know ye’ll like this. We stumbled on the work of Chris Porsz’s after rabble got a nice mention on History Is Made At Night.

He’s a Peterborough paramedic and life long photographer with an eye for street styles. His first book really reminds me of Where Were You, capturing the colour of often under appreciated urban tribes that can disappear in a blink.  It’s called  ‘New England: the culture and people of an English New Town during the 1970s and 80s’

He has this to say over on his website about it:

New towns brought social and cultural changes to England in the 1970s and 1980s that were every bit as radical and challenging as the austerity of the 1950s and the Swinging Sixties. Chris Porsz took to the streets with his camera and captured the changing face and faces of a ‘new town’ during those turbulent years and New England is a collection of 170 of his powerful images. These compelling photographs reveal the resignation and resilience in the faces of people coming to terms with the promised opportunities and harsh realities of life in a new town during an often overlooked era.

He got many of his original subjects back together for these stunning reunions, we’d love to see Garry O’Neill pull together something similar, but I’m sure he’s got his hands well full! There’s this short film too that will fill you in on some of the rest of his work.


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