Yikes, we just launched our Fundit campaign. G’wan!

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Keep rabble printing, help pay for our next four issues.

There’s been complete radio silence from rabble HQ about our next issue for some time.  An awful lot of people have been asking ‘what’s going on, when’s the next issue etc?’ Something most of us have had to answer by murmuring something about funding, a video and then saddling off to another corner of the room. Well here it is, our fundit.ie campaign in all its glory.

Funding has always been an issue for us, its one thing pouring insane amounts of energy into producing a free sheet on a creative and journalistic level, but its another thing to switch tack into the hustle of fundraising and ad sales. We’re not pissing around when we say its become a full time job.

But that work and commitment has paid off.  In the space of just under a year and a half we’ve published five outstanding issues, built a huge social network following and done all of this with out resources, or any form of official funding . We’ve created a truly outstanding print project that has given voice to a whole generation of writers, artists and illustrators.

Should we clear this funding campaign we will be in a tremendously strong position to plan for the future, bring new people on board and work out some way of making the project last beyond the next four issues.  We are looking for a bit of breathing space basically.

Head over and take a look at our fundit.ie  and throw your weight behind it.  We’ve just bitten our finger nails to the quick with the stress and are still waiting on the paramedic to hook the coffee IV up to our arms.  T-minus 48 days and counting…


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