ATOS – The Thatcherite Dream

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Fahmeena Rahman, 'fit for work'

Fahmeena Rahman, ‘fit for work’

Atos, the French IT Services and Consulting multinational has a record of dystopian cruelty of which Thatcher herself would be proud. Its latest cruel decision is to declare Fahmeena Rahman, a 30yr old woman with profound multiple learning disabilities and the mental age of 3, ‘fit for work’.

Atos Healthcare (a sub-division) has a contract believed to be worth £400 million with the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), under which it “conducts disability assessments for people claiming a range of disability benefits including Employment Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance and Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.”

Atos has been criticised by every sector. 1,300 people it has declared ‘fit for work’ died shortly after assessment, including terminal cancer patients and those with severe multiple sclerosis.

12 doctors working for Atos have been placed under investigation.

For more on the latest atrocious decision follow the tag #JobsforMeena on Twitter or her sister’s account here

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  1. Please wake me up it’s just a very bad dream…

  2. Hi. I live in the UK now and i can tell you that this crowd Atos are a shower of Bastards. I found myself in hospital 3 year’s ago afer a breakdown and they rang me in hospital saying i was fit for work. I had to get head doc’s to sign a letting saying i was not fit to do anything not alone look for work. I had to get citizens advice to write to them asking i be left alone when i was released from hospital. Lucky they have done so. All i can say is good luck with these morons.

  3. Nice company our self declared social democrat leader of the “socialist” Labour Party is keeping these days.

  4. This has been in the pipeline for a long time now. People need to wake up to what’s happening and get active. There are people abusing the social welfare system here but it is preferable to the system abusing people which has been happening in the UK for years. Next year community partnerships !)who coordinate and deliver essential programmes like mental health services, free legal aid and money and budgeting services) will have to tender to the government for their role. It is envisioned that G4 and Atos will under cut and take over these services.

  5. Evidence? Any evidence at all for your claim that Joan Burton s about to privatise social security? Or is this just another cheap and nasty scare story?

  6. It seems like they are using draconian measures to filter out the ones scamming the system. They will need to use an awful lot of discretion to separate the legit from the illegitimate if they expect this to be a success. Personally I can’t see it working.

  7. Now we see the lie taking flight with Paul’s comment about Joan Burton sanctioning the use of ATOS in Ireland. Once again,, where is your evidence for this claim?

  8. The social welfare system shouldn’t be in the hands of somebody who clearly has no idea what its like to live on it.

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