Explosions at Boston Marathon : live updates

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Explosion(s) at Boston marathon finish line

Explosion(s) at Boston marathon finish line


Photo taken from Anonymous twitter - also now tagged as (John Tlumacki)

Photo taken from Anonymous twitter – also now tagged as (John Tlumacki)

Two large explosions at Boston Marathon have left dozens injured and at least 2 dead.

Emergency Service Scanner – live feed from Boston HERE

UPDATED POLICE SCANNER – as first link is flooded with users here is a second link

Live stream by Ustream

Irish Foreign Affairs Department says anyone worried about relatives in Boston can phone 01 478 0822

For those in US or wish to call – Call 617-635-4500 if you’re looking for family who may have been hurt.

Harvard and other Universities being evacuated or under security warnings

Updates as they arrive

Boston PD confirm man in custody from this photo is being held in grassy area until JTT arrive to interview him. Information is fluid and contradictory at the moment. Can’t confirm man IS suspect.  SUSPECT ARRESTED: Martine Power of Boston Globe reports that man arrested on Boston Common. Unclear if he is suspect in bombing after initial reports he was.

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Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.13.11At least two explosions.

Earlier updates

Update 1915pm: No definite source of explosions, may not be bombing but could be other reasons for example natural gas explosion. Bomb Squad has been depoloyed in numerous areas. The scene is one of panic. Experts on CNN are calling this a crime scene.


Update 8:18pm (gmt):

Explosions occured at Copley Square, Boston.

Update 8:21pm

Kylie Atwood of CBS was an eye-witness. 20 yards from finish line an explosion shook the viewing stands. People fled across the street only to be caught in a second explosion.

Update 8:23pm Some distressing scenes as injured are being taken from the scene

More photos coming in from immediate aftermath

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.27.08

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.28.58


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.31.13

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.32.44

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.34.49Update: second explosion was powerful and seemed to come from store behind stand at finish line. Serious injuries to numbers of people. Eyewitnesses saw severe lower limb injuries. Unconfirmed reports of casualties. 

Update 8:42pm (gmt) Video of the moment of the second explosion on Boylston street

Update 8:50pm 2nd explosion was 15 seconds and about 1 city block away from first finish line explosion. One radio report claimed 100 injured at least. It is believed that 3 have been confirmed dead. 

Update 8:55pm A third explosion confirmed by Kylie Atwood of CBS which seems may have been a controlled explosion as police were able to warn and close the area it occured in.

Update 8:55pm: Confirmed by Boston Mass Hospital – 2 dead.

Update 8:56pm: At least one controlled explosion, possibly a third or fourth explosion (reports are 600block of Boylston Avenue also reports of explosion at Comm Ave

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 20.59.20Mainstream TV news now covering

Update 9:05pm Pennsylvania Avenue (Whitehouse), Washington now being sealed off by Secret Service. New York also enacting terror-action plans

Update 9:20pm 01 478 0822 is Dept of Foreign Affairs helpline

Update 9:22pm Reports say Police claiming two other devices ‘dismantled’. At least one other controlled explosion.

Update 21:32pm (gmt) another explosion at JFK Library, Boston

Update 21:37 (unconfirmed) Families of the Newtown Massacre were in the vicinity of the initial explosion.

UPDATE 21:37 A policeman told CBS that CCTV has pictures of male with backpacks (believed to be bombs ) placing them in bins (trash cans)

UPDATE 21:42 A suspect with shrapnel wounds is being guarded by police at a local Hospital (New York Post – unreliable source generally)

UPDATE: Emergency Services Scanner – listen live to Ambulance, Police and Fire Dept LISTEN HERE

UPDATE: APB out for a Yellow Penski Truck

Update: police may be looking for a ‘black male’ and ‘yellow Penski truck’. Cell phone coverage may be blocked in some areas to avoid mobile detonation of devices (safety containment)

Update: 22:13pm (GMT) New video from on-the-ground eye witness HERE

Update: 22:15pm Police calling in suspicious packages in various parts of the city on scanner HERE including in the emergency room of one hospital

Update: 22:50pm (GMT) Martine Power of Boston Globe reports a man arrested and held on Boston Common – unclear if he is suspect but held after large police operation. See photo at top of blog.

Update 22:51pm Police scanner indicates multiple vehicles, various locations being investigated as suspicious.

Update 22:52pm Cell companies claim Cell areas not shut down, but cell phones unable to communicate due to heavy network usage. affecting emergency services/police communications

*closing blog at 11:30pm GMT a gallery of photographs from a Marathon observer available here (no graphic images)


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