rabble Recommends: Some Bukes With Pickshurs

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Liam Geraghty and Craig O’Connor are two spectacled comic nerds with an addiction to DIY media, and eh comics. We like their sort in this parish.

Their babies called The Comic Cast, and it recently underwent a revamp in the production stakes.  Usually it features a host of commentators from the graphic world and general chit chat. Aprils edition just hit the interwebz.

Fans of rabble might note that we’re always on the look out for illustrators and the like to spice up our rag. We’ve been fortunate to have a range of talented individuals throw us a morsel every now and again.

Amongst those is Paddy Lynch, a previous Comic Cast episode took a look at Straylines  – an anthology featuring some of his work, amongst others.  Word on the street is Paddy is having a launch party for his 1913 themed celebration in ink of Larkin’s life.

The Irish comic world is one I’m not too familiar with, so nice to know there’s a one stop shop out there to check in on it.




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