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Unless you’ve had your internet connection ripped out of the wall, there’s no way you could have escaped Record Store Day.

Here we list a rake of flicks that look at the dusty art of crate digging, the balls to the wall commitment of stores that held out against digitalisation and whatever else falls between the grooves.


Strange Wax

This one has a dozen or so vinyl obsessives warbling on about the pristine sound of wax. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it being the mantra.




Re-vinylized takes a look at the impact of digitalisation on a rake of Chicago record stores.



Last Shop Standing.

This teaser grabbed our attention because Johnny Marr and Billy Bragg lent their faces to it. It tracks the decline of indie stores across the UK.



Record Store Day The Documentary

Ronseal! Lots of kids taking about their first records and a history of where the day came from.


Sound and the Story

We dug back, right back into Youtube to haul up this find about how vinyl was cut back in the fifties.


A Tour of Dubplates and Mastering.

Have you heard of Basic Channel? Probably, well they have a mastering premises that specialises in dubplates. Here they give us an insight to all that crackles.



This one looks at how vinyl is buking the trend and making a come back.



Thought you were a compulsive record buyer? Fuck that, you don’t have a problem compared to these dudes.




From collectors to vinyl thrashers – this is a hugely popular flick that tells the story of hip hop and vinyl manipulation.


Sound It Out.

The official documentary of Record Store Day 2011, Jeanne Finlay follows one of the last record stores in Teeside. An amazing look at the emotions and memories around a shop making its last stand.


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