A million trees against Bertie

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This Friday marks the ‘One Million Trees in One Day’ charity event. Organised by the Irish Natural Forestry Federation, a non-profit based in Co.Cork that works against the government’s campaign to deconstruct Coillte and degrade our forestry to the point where we will sell-off 7% of our land mass to private concerns.

It is well documented that Bertie Ahern has had his eye on this prize since before he left office and having taken up a post as Chairman at the benevolent sounding International Forestry Fund he looks among those well placed to swoop in. Peter Bacon has condemned the proposed sale as unjustifiable – see here  – and the INFF have issued a press release examining and condemning the current Coillte maneuvering ( see pdf here  )

That aside, this Friday the INFF asks you to come out and help or simply text a donation of €3 – check the site for more details here – and help prevent the destruction of one of our remaining unsold assets.

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  1. Can someone please explain the maths behind that text number. If the text costs €3 PLUS a standard message cost, why are the networks holding onto between €1.65 and €0.90c…?

    1. probably a service charge for them to forward on money to the organisation

      1. Hi Leo, The charges are tax and then a varying charge depending on the mobile operator. The text platform does not charge us for their work. So it is tax and in some cases also a charge from the operator. Text message donations in Ireland are still finding their feet and the rates could be much better. We hope that by using the service and showing that there is a demand for a good value service for text donations that the industry will work away and find better rates for us all next time.
        All the best,
        The One Million Trees in One Day team.

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