Ulster Says No To Gay Marriage

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Activists in Dublin recently calling for Marriage Equality

Activists in Dublin recently calling for Marriage Equality (click for more)

Assembly members have voted against a Sinn Féin proposal to legalise same-sex marriage, by 53 votes to 42.

An Alliance amendment which would have allowed for churches to retain independence on the issue, received 46 votes for, 51 against.

Full report via UTV here


  1. keep denying gay marriage so our streets will be full of protesting women kissing eachother for film crews. feminism is alive and unwell

  2. It is two gay women kissing to illustrate their relationship. How you construed that into an attack on Feminism is beyond me?! Many of the media events around the gay marriage campaign have used the image of same sex couple kissing. For example after the recent constitutional convention. http://www.rabble.ie/2013/04/14/hear-the-noise/

  3. Where was this attack on feminism? I must have missed it while i was telling the missus what i wanted for tea.

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