As rabble’s Fund:it final push begins…we’ll be discussing putting the masses back into media! Join Us on Wednesday May 15th from 630pm.

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Poster designed by Maiken

Poster designed by Maiken


Come along for a ‘rabble babble’ looking at the role and history of alternative publishing in Ireland.


Where:  White Lady Art gallery, Wellington Quay, Dublin 8. (two doors down from the Workmans…)

6:30pm – 10:30pm Wednesday, May 15th


rabble, is marking the last fortnight of its fundraising drive with a public event on Wednesday 15th May. The White Lady Art gallery plays host to an evening of education, folk music and craft beer.


Up first Harry Browne, journalist and lecturer, will examine why we need an independent media and the importance of its voice. Following Harry will be Conor McCabe with a look at the historical legacy of independent media in the country going right back to 1913 and Big Jim Larkin’s Irish Worker.

Trouble Brewing have kindly given us a keg to aid the discussion.


What is rabble?

An underground magazine with an attitude problem. Outrageous satire and glorious illustrations frame investigative journalism and documentary reportage. From politicians to pyrite and licensing laws to legalising abortion – there are no taboos in this 32 page explosive package.


Why the fundraising?

rabble sustained itself through its first year with old skool methods of crowdfunding like gigs and merch sales around Dublin. Now it wants to take things to the next level by experimenting with the concept of reader supported journalism, by securing a years worth of funding for a magazine that acts like a megaphone for the voiceless.


rabble Fundit page is at

Our Fundit ends on May 27th at 11am approximately.


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