MAD Spy vs Spy

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Seized Spy items

Seized Spy items

A bizarre story breaking from Moscow as Russia’s secret police, the FSB, has detained a US diplomat claiming he is a CIA agent attempting to recruit a Russian spy.

Ryan Fogle (pictured) is a third secretary at the US Embassy. The FSB maintains he was captured in possession of ‘technical equipment and disguises’ as well as a note used to entice Russian espionage. The featured photographs are what we imagine is a 12yr old’s idea of what spies carry about including a letter we’re sure we’ve not seen hit our inbox since 2005. Make up your own minds on this one.



  1. MSD…Mad Spy Disease..see also sCIAtica.

  2. Godamn ex-ex-Stalinist-ex-commies!!! Putin we know you never recanted properly!!!

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