Irish Independent censors video of Portmarnock ‘riot’.

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The Irish Independent has published amateur footage of the riotous scenes from Portmarnock beach yesterday but edited the footage to remove clips of Gardaí watching and recording the violence without acting even when a young girl appeared to be seriously injured.

UPDATE: The Independent has removed the page and video 

While the Gardaí may have been waiting for back-up, the Garda Helicopter and Public Order unit for example, they may receive criticism for walking away while a young girl was apparently knocked out. it is unclear why the Irish Independent has censored the video.

The Independent footage is here: EDITED VIDEO

The original footage is here:


  1. brave lads our gardai, couple of protesters tho and they,d be in like flynn

  2. Ah ya,but lads be realistic. That is 2 gardai against a lot of people(presumably young lads) throwing bottles. The video is short, for all ye know they are waiting for backup. What would the point be in them going down there, being outnumbered, getting a bottle in the face and then having to retreat?

    1. Yeah, you can hear the squad cars coming at the end of the video, which is only a couple of minutes later. All those two lads could have done is got themselves in need of rescue rather than being able to tell the reinforcements what was happening.

      1. Darren o Brien not very often I talk good bout Garda but those two were gutless! I seen two cycle Garda get in between 160-180 rovers n boys fans who meet for a fight in Tallaght n sprayed an kept as much order as possible while waiting for back up!!! And they achieved it alone with telescopic batons n Pepper spray! So I think they could of done something even for the downed lady n area around her!!! Gutless in my opinion!

    1. If the two of them walked into that without back-up or protection they would immediately become targets for those bottles and hundreds of young lads. Instead of talking about two gardaí standing watching, we’d probably be discussing Indo and Herald articles about two young guards in intensive care. It’s not often I’d have much support for the Gardaí but I don’t think they would have made it very far there.

      Would you have marched into the middle of that, wearing that uniform? I’m not so sure I would have.

  3. They are supposed to be trained. Isnt that what searates them from humble citizens?

  4. thats a fair point I suppose, I wasnt there, we ultimately discussing something based on poor video footage.I heard the lad on the video saying that he sees a girl knocked out,cant see it in the video(also dont see anyone approach the gardai, maybe they did not see her knocked out).

  5. Ya,but surely things come down to a numbers game at some point? 2 guards with batons versus what looks like 50+ people throwing bottles etc… Hardly a fair fight!

  6. What the fuck is that about. I thought that sort of shit was only really seen in silly season in the north!

  7. Fair enough, and we mention this in the blog. The blog’s intent is to question why the Gardaí have been edited out of the video by the Independent not to criticise them.

  8. Worth pointing out that the fight had moved on for the last two minutes of the original video and the Gardaí in question didn’t go to check on the injured.

  9. Well now in fairness if that young chap who videod it was able to see the poor girl get knocked out and comment on how terrible it was then surely the copper who was 2 ft from the youngfella and facing the same direction would have at the very least have heard the surrounding ppl comment on it.

    On a side note: our press, all of our printed press with the exception is propagandist.

  10. Very mature language Dylan. You will definitely be taken serious now.

  11. To be fair they’ve no problem kicking the head off you or beating you in handcuffs when they outnumber you or your unable to defend yourself fuckin bullies is all they are cowards who need the blue uniform to feel superior when they drag people to the ground for nothing what was wrong with checking that girl fear not so brave with the clubs when their outnumbered which is why most choose the profession to intimidate by law

  12. Seated unarmed students and their in with 5 foot batons standing behind padding from head to toe cracking their skulls and dragging out the knocked out and dumping them on the ground and walking off….

    They know when to be brave alright…


  13. All arseholes. Every single last one of them. Male and females. Arseholes become bigger arseholes with a uniform and the same with and I use this word veeery rarely, g**bags become even bigger g**bags with a uniform, at times worse than the men. Off topic but rant over 🙂

  14. Riots are meant to be dealt with a very specific way not just to protect the guards, but the people rioting too – premature movements on a crowd like that could turn very* violent. On top of that though, seeing a girl being hurt is no reason not to get straight in there and help her… that is unacceptable

  15. I guess the guards did not help that girl because they were gripped by fear, much like the non-gurads who were there. Self-preservation and all that jazz. I know we expect more from our police force, but really we should expect more from each other. It’s hard work being human.

  16. Thick bastards the lot of them. Swear to gawd when whoever was giving out intelligence he skipped this shower. Response is always rush in. People and power.

  17. Rush in apart from this occasion. Spineless when outnumbered.

  18. Someone should have shouted “come quick,there’s a gas line down here.”

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