#rabbleEye: Witness The Shitness.

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We’ve carried a few pieces about our bullshit licensing laws in rabble. Inevitably there’s always a line about the madness that pours out on to the streets after the taps all stop.

DIT Final Year photographer Irene Siragusa has been stalking the blood stained streets of Dublin to add pictorial evidence to our glib cliches of night time lunacy. The work is exhibited down in the Institute of Photography in Temple Bar, alongside the rest of her graduate class – and features some almost stream of conciousness interviews about night time violence in our durty old town.

Witness the Nighttime Economy was realised over eight months. It is part of an ongoing long-term project, started in October 2011, when I started to record the aftermath of violence experienced at night by people in the city center Temple Bar area of Dublin that has a high concentration of cultural building open by day and in the evenings but dominated by pubs and clubs at night. Working with the most recent photographs, interviews and texts I have made, one book of images with narrative texts describing actual incidents and memorable events that the narrators experienced, twelve postcards portraying people who have been attacked, and set of stickers on which the public order laws are printed.

There’s more over at source.ie. Let us know of any other end of year exhibitions we should be checking out.

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