Senator Briefcase Wanker

Briefcase wanker tells Kenny to man up

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Senator Briefcase Wanker

Senator Briefcase Wanker

When Enda Kenny revealed he receives letters written in blood from “pro-lifers” calling him a murderer it was only going to be a matter of time before victim-blaming briefcase wanker, Senator Ronan Mullen, waded in to uphold the honourable name of the anti-choice fundaMentalists.

Sure enough, Mullen told

“…the Taoiseach has on several occasions played the victim around nasty messages of an anti-abortion nature that he tells us he has received.” Mullen insisted that everyone in the Oireachtas gets “this kind of stuff” and said of the abuse he has received: “I was called a ‘prick’ the other day in the street because of my stance.”

Buffalo Stance probably? Can’t imagine people calling him a prick for any other reason.


  1. Ha ha when I saw the picture I thought it was your man from the Inbetweeners 🙂

  2. Well he also looks like Ronan …. which I presume was the point … a bit slow here! 🙂

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