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rabble reader special offer and competition time!

We’ve featured these guys before. And we’re happy to do so again. The scamps found themselves in a spot of bother when they brought a bit of remixology to Dublin Bus, but that didn’t scare them off the game. They’re back with three new tshirts. And we’ve one of the social welfare ones to give away.

The Department of Social Rejection tee is ideal for drinking cider on the boardwalk but not recommended for a meeting with your community welfare officer. The Dublin ’88 Transformed t-shirt is inspired by two memories of the 1980s: ‘celebrating’ the Dublin Millennium and watching a lot of cartoons. Billy Roll the smiling meat is finally available in t-shirt form. Sandwich sold separately.

Take part in our reader survey here and one of you might get yer greasy little paws on it.



  1. Sorry guys n gals, our JobBridger took the red pill at the weekend and scheduled that for July. It’s posted now, click through, answer the survey and win a tee!

  2. The Dove symbolises the Catholic hierarchy and tops of Irish bourgeoisie, the hand the working people, and the shite is representing the gifting of unemployment and welfare dependancy to the workers. Finally the open hand symbolises the alm-like characteristic of the whole process from the bourgeois perspective. In a word a disgusting.

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