rabble’s Sunday Sitdowns: Dublin Techno, Bono & Confessions of A Drug Dealer

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lesbians unite

Some online writing deserves more than a quick scan. Save these up for that next pensive poo – they’ll be more fulfilling than that Lidl special buys supplement.


19 Powerful Photos From The Early Gay Rights Movement: Another great archive from a public library. This time the  New York Public Library’s digital collection delivers the goods. Not so much something to read, but glorious eye candy all the same.

Terry Eagleton Schools Bono:  After Bono declared himself a miracle in his Gaybo interview, arch marxist literary critic Terry Eagleton had these wicked words for the man. Harry Browne’s polemic gets the oxygen it deserves.

Confessions Of A Drug Dealer At Glastonbury:  Right, so that’s how they manage the money while monged. If you’ve ever wondered how a drug dealing operation works on a festival site, then this Madchester era account has it all. An extract from the memoirs of Simon Marsh.

A Former Sex Worker Speaks:  All is not what it seems with Turn Off The Red Light – sponsored by religious and facing scrutiny online from numerous bloggers – this offering is one of the most in-depth criticisms yet.

An Interview With Kevin Barry:  If you’ve not read City Of  Bohane yet, ye might want to get on the case – it’s riddled with visions of a Celtic post-apocalypse, crime infested back streets and the spoken tongue is mongloid patois from all our culchie dialects. Here the author talks about how he built his little city.

An Interiew with Giles Armstrong: Techno mainstay Giles Armstrong gets strapped into the hot seat.  Riddled with humour, he covers much of the dance folk lore of our city after dark. From the Creation days right up to now.

Looking for a mix to listen to while you slurp tea and have a read? Check out this Giles Armstrong mix for subsekt.com

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