# rabble’s Sunday Sitdowns: The Stoned Age, Race Riot Rumours and Magazine Publishing…

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stoned age

Some online writing deserves more than a quick scan. Save these up for that next pensive poo – they’ll be more fulfilling than that Lidl special buys supplement.


Wanderly Wagaon and Porn – This old Village article about The Pike Theatre gives insight to sexual moral hysteria in 1950’s Ireland. Contains a great anecdote about boozy old Brendan Behan.

Were Paleolithic Cave Painters High on Psychedelic Drugs? – The old hippie stoned ape theory gets a modern re-rub this time with some sort of brain graphs!

The 4 Worst New Anti-Abortion Laws…in the Past 3 Weeks – It’s not just us Paddies you know, the yanks have been busy rushing through restrictions on abortion in four states too.

Why the Latest Zimmerman Race Riot Conspiracy Theory Is the Dumbest Yet – A sober look at some of the rumours being churned out by Conservative commentators around the case

Magazine Junkies: Print Thrives at City Newsstand –  The world of magazine publishing may be facing an uncertain future, this is the story of a specialist store and its mission to survive.




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