Dabbledoo Music Needs You!

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rabble stalwart Redmonk and some of his maties have been scheming up ways of liberating primary kids from the tedium of notation.

Like the rest of us in this age of austerity, they’ve jumped on Fund:it to secure some angel investment to take them to the next stage.

Below they explain just where the cash monies will be going.

The next step in making this system accessible and engaging for all users is to create a new website to replace the blog which now exists. The new resources will be fully interactive so that teachers and children in schools can create and compose their own animated musical scores for listening and performing. The website will remain free for all users.

The funding will go towards: – Designing and creating a new range of interactive audio-visual content. – Optimizing the website for use with interactive whiteboards in schools. – Testing the new content in schools with children and teachers. – Hosting website and online network for teachers and students to record and share compositions and performances.


If you are interested in some of the ideas behind the project, you can read the guys explain how the pedagogical process at work to the Broadsheet commentariat here.

Dig deep folks.

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