#rabble Sunday Sitdowns: Mansplaining, Mexican Buses and Cash Strapped.

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Some online writing deserves more than a quick scan. Save these up for that next pensive poo – they’ll be more fulfilling than that Lidl special buys supplement.

Women of Ireland – Your Saviour is Here! – American Pro-Lifeers mansplaining to Irish Women – Geoff’s Shorts has this guest post.

1200 Miles Through Mexico – Mexican buses are not quite chickens and sweat we expect from pop culture and travel articles.

Austerity Bites – Finding herself with twenty-three euros and sixty-six cents with which to provide 18 meals for herself and her two daughters, Hazel L Arkin blogged her recipes for the next week.

Detroit Pins Hopes On Creative Hub – Cash strapped Detroit is holding out hope on creative revival to lift its sunken economy. Richard Flordia must be wetting his pants.

Django, the N-Word, and How We Talk About Race in 2013 – a look at how discussions of race shaped up in the US this year.


  1. I just like to comment about the article about the Movie Django Unchained.

    I think the controversy about the N word is kind distracting from the deeper moral injustice of this film.

    After watching the film I believe the object of the film was to Bridge a relationship between European Germans and Western-Africans and create the perception that some sympathy’s and romantic relationships could have existed between them in that time in history, you know like we have a history together, where brothers in a sense, which maybe somewhat an unrealistic portrayal of history.

    The film also focuses on African Moral ethics of that time, soon after Django befriends the mercenary/bounty-hunter german we are given an insight into what a “free” african mans behavior or moral standards may be like, in this film they are portrayed as quite low, in the sense it shows Django to become a coldblooded murderer very quickly, which was very common attribute for Europeans in authority of that time.

    I felt this idea was suggested in the scene where they are on the hill looking down on the farm where a wanted man is working in a field with a young boy, presumably his son. This scene didn’t sit well with me, it felt sporadic, quick and out of place, so I questioned what its purpose was?

    Well if you’ve seen the film, “the high moral anti-racist german” asks Django to shoot the man, Django hesitates on seeing the boy, reflecting a moral conflict in his mind, the german persuades him easily by saying the man is a murderer and Django takes his word for granted and bang, quite a cold scene.

    But a very powerful scene as it suggests that the moment the african race got any kind of freedom they demonstrated a moral standard as low as the europeans of that time, as to say..you see they’d kill and enslave us just as quickly given the chance, they’re just as bad as us, given the chance.

    This idea is then reaffirmed by Samuals role, as he is a slave that is given some authority, as head slave, and behaves towards the slaves in the same brutal manner as the europeans did, you might even say he was even more evil and depraved than the europeans in the film, they we’re bad but he was worse!!! again suggesting that when given authority the african man would be as brutal as the european man if not worse goodness forbid, given the chance.

    Of coarse this film is fiction, but to the under educated it could be perceived as a portrayal of history or that it could hold some truth. Of coarse the film was made very well, trilling with some comical scenes and all that, “bravo” but towards the end when Django started shooting up the place with two guns in hand and the crappy R’n’B started, it became a bit of an unbearable joke. Good man Quentin.

    So at the end of the day a more apt title of the film could be.. african man unchained

    Good time to release this film as we are moving into a new era of fascism where we call on conservatives of all ethnic backgrounds to stand together against the plight of anti establishment social democrats, protective of there rights to privacy and freedom of speech with there airy fiery liberal ideals which has no place in this terrible world we are building. trying to say man is rational..we are all killers and we need extreme measures to protect ourselves from each other god dam it.

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