Glorified Piss Lands Ming in hot water

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Tap water of a Roscommon constituent of Ming Flanagan's.

Tap water of a Roscommon constituent of Ming Flanagan’s.

Speaking in the Dáil today, Deputy Luke Ming Flanagan challenged Minister with Responsibility for NewEra Project (Natural Resources and Environment), Fergal O’Dowd, with a bottle of water taken from Co.Roscommon.


“What are you going to do about the people who live outside my town, Castlerea…who are forced to drink this? The people in my area are expected to drink glorified piss and you are going to charge them for it. Well the reality is we’re not going to pay for it. And I’ve a challenge for you here today minister. I’m going to present you with this water and I’m going to challenge you to drink it and if you don’t drink it you’re not drinking it for a reason, because it’s poison. It’s got cryptosporidium in it. Kids outside my town cannot even brush their teeth with it and you’re going to charge them for it. So I have a present for you minister and I’m going to give it to you now…”


The fight against water charges being made for non potable water is something that ‘Ming’ has championed for quite some time. The Ceann Comhairle, Seán Barrett, reacted by calling Ming’s actions:

“an act of vandalism…never before in the history of this chamber have I seen such behaviour. Of a member walking down and handing a glass of dirty water to a minister. That is just outrageous and unacceptable behaviour and I’ve asked for an immediate meeting of the Committee for Procedure and Privileges to deal with this matter.”


While it’s acceptable to institute water charges for contaminated water it’s ‘outrageous’ to highlight this in the Dáil. We should have just locked the doors on that place when they were all there at their last piss up/referendum and thrown away the key.



  1. You’d think the Ceann Comhairle would be more concerned with the issue at hand, the quality of the water that children bathe in. Prick. The ruling class are not used to criticism. Ming and Mick et al get under their skin. The notion that ordinary ppl have a say in politics even more so annoys them.

  2. I am not Irish but it doesn’t prevent me from feeling outraged at this abnegation of duty. In common with politicians from many lands, MPs etc seem to have forgotten why they are in Parliament: To protect the interests of the people they represent. Unfortunately too many seem to think they are there to represent the interests of businesses and their party contributors ahead of constituents. Venal scum. More power to Ming and his ilk, long may they continue to outrage.

  3. That Ceann Comharile is a few taps short of a plumbing system

  4. that is brilliant, we could do with a few MP’s like that here in the UK 🙂

  5. presenting a man with a glass of water? that’s practically terrorism

  6. The country needs more vocal and courageous politicians like Ming..speak up people..Free speech and all that..

  7. Go Ming go pity more of them don’t have a back bone, and it might help them to carry their heavy wallets as well.

  8. I can hardly believe that stuff comes out of a tap!

    Are Roscommon Co Co and rthe Dept of the Environment taking the piss?

  9. I love the bit where the Ceann Comhairle accuses Ming of vandalism for bringing dirty water in ‘the house’. And missed the fact that people are supposed to drink it. Shithead.

  10. Inner city homes are effected with tainted water aswell as country homes throughout the year. Are we actually going to pay for this shit. Ming we need more people like in “the house” to actually stand for the rights of the people and not just trying to put a pretty penny in the governments pocket.

  11. It is glorified piss and we shouldn’t be paying for it. The minister is a disgrace not Ming !!! A Revolution is needed to get the thieving cunts out of Dáil Éireann … An absolute disgrace they are , and with a cheek up call themselves Irish !!!… Put them out on their holes and I bet you the country would pick up!

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