An Appeal To Our Readers: We Need Yiz To Get Yer Hands Dirty And Help Distro #rabble7!

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Yesterday was the first day back at school for many of us rabblers. Oh how we crave our couches and those endless Netflix marathons. Why do they give us holidays if the fuckers are only going to take them away again?

Alas, the real world cruelly smacked us in the face Monday morning (with a gale force burst too) and now have to finalise the distribution of issue 7 .  With many of us holding down day jobs at the moment, our time is increasingly finite so we really need a dig out getting rid of the bastards. Else it’s a pure waste of tree.

For those of you in the Dublin region, we have dozens of bundles in All City Records, which is located on Crow St in Temple Bar. Just go in and take as many bundles as you want to get rid of. Fill a car boot why not! Just let us know, where they are going so we can post about it on social media and send ravenous readers out to collect them.

For people outside our shitty little city, we’ll be arranging to send bundles down to all the main regional centres over the next week. We need to significantly reduce our costs on this project or we are going to hit a wall. So rather than sending down bundles to two or three locations in a city, we’ll be shipping them to one spot and arranging for them to be broken down there.

With the popularity of the magazine growing outside Dublin, it’s become more and more expensive for us to get them down the country. Donations are most welcome to cover the costs of our couriers. And if people are  visiting Dublin, why not take a few bundles back with you?

People are always gushing about how they love rabble, but  folks we need you to get your hands dirty. We seriously over stretched ourselves with getting #rabble7 out just in the nick of time for Xmash amd we have tonnes left to get rid of.  We need people to stand up and take a few bundles at a time to get rid of where ever ye think people will pick them up.

Once this issue is out and about, we’ll publish some indication of what it’s taking us financially to get each one out. It’s a whole lot more than our Fund:it took in. Put it that way.


  1. Just put the call out to see if anyone’s going to Cork that can bring a few down!

  2. I saw some in Waterford but not enough if u ask me . . Do u send them by post?

  3. I can’t think of anywhere this end of Leitrim that would stock them. I might pritt-stik the latest ALIVE! header onto Rabble and leave them in the churches…

  4. Probably heading to Limerick on Friday – have ye sent any there yet? Can grab some from All City to take with me if needed?

  5. I’m heading to Carrickmacross the end of next week could probably bring a batch. Where in Dublin do I pick up?

  6. I know David Fleming used to do distro in Maynooth. Could pick some up tomorrow and do out there if it hasn’t been done already?

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