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“I don’t believe you Mr. Conlon.”

Mary Lou McDonald destroys Brian Conlan during the Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the finances of the Central Remedial Clinic. It’s fecking car crash television, they have been caught talking through their hoop and the senators smell bullshit and blood and are going for the kill.

A former chief executive, Paul Kiely,  of the Central Remedial Clinic received a total retirement package of around €700,000, the Dáil Public Accounts Committee has been told. UPDATE: It will come as little surprise that Kiely was a member of Bertie Ahern’s Drumcondra Mafia (see link ). UPDATE: More on the Fianna Fáil connections with the CRC Board see link here and set phasers to ‘stun’

Simon Harris TD has exorcised the information from Conlan that he was in the meetings that chose the new chief executive – him. Now minutes from one meeting have already disappeared. This stinks to high heaven. Donations to charity ending up in the pockets of the super-rich.

UPDATE: Call the Guards!

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Watch live below:


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Brian Conlan – while he has retired from the Central Remedial Clinic directorship after 4 months in charge is still a director of the Central Remedial Clinic Medical Devices LTD as well as some others.

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  1. Whoever it is, she’s being well paid to do that. The Shinners are not anymore convincing than any other of the ‘political actors’ we have to stomach and put up with every day of the week. If anything, they’re even more desipicable.

  2. Maybe Dec should just get whats annoying him about the Shinners off his chest???

    The Sinn Fein TDs only take the avg working wage, the only party working in their communities on a day to day basis, trying to make a difference countrywide!!

    It hurts people like Dec to see that the Shinners are now recognised as the main opposition party!!

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