Mission Impossible: Scientologists reduce drug-crime by 85% in Ireland!

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Tom Cruise and David Miscavige salute each other at Scientology event

Scientologist loon claims they are behind an “an 85% drop in drug-related crime”.

David Miscavige is the main-iac and global leader of these Abbey Street-residing flutes who claim to have captured a foothold here, selling books to at least one percent of the population and reducing crime without any evidence. But sure you can prove anything with ‘facts’.

During the video, a clips alleges to show a broadcast from Irish station Ocean FM. But, in a statement on their website, the station management say the station shown is not theirs and they have no idea who the people in the clip are.

(source: Belfast Telegraph )


  1. OK, 33 minutes of that madness might be a bit too much… I used to walk up and down past their offices, hoping they’d offer me a ‘free audit’ so that I could have a good argument with them. But they never spoke to me! I, it would seem, am NOT one of the chosen people…

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